Maktec MT607


unaccented drill, food type: a network, a Keyless Chuck, 450 watts, 1.3 kg

Main (Maktec MT607)
Type unstressed drill
Dimensions and weight (Maktec MT607)
Length 229 mm
Width 64 mm
Height 175 mm
Modes drilling
Chuck type Keyless
Food network
Power consumption 450 W
Specifications (Maktec MT607)
The speed of rotation of idling 3 000 rpm
The maximum diameter of the drilling, metal 10 mm
Maximum drilling diameter, wood 25 mm
Features (Maktec MT607)
Auxiliary handle
Dust protection
A dust collector
In stand-up drill
Trim (Maktec MT607)
Weight 1300 g
Keyless Chuck
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