Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD)


unaccented drill, food type: a network, a Keyless Chuck, 850 W, additional handle, reverse, 1.8 kg

Main (Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD))
Type unstressed drill
Dimensions and weight (Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD))
Modes drilling, drilling with impact
Chuck type Keyless
Food network
Power consumption 850 watts
Specifications (Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD))
The speed of rotation of idling 2 600 rpm
The maximum number of strokes/min 42 000
Diameter of the cartridge 2 — 13 mm
The maximum diameter of the drilling, concrete 20 mm
The maximum diameter of the drilling, metal 13 mm
Maximum drilling diameter, wood 40 mm
Features (Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD))
Auxiliary handle
Lock button
A dust collector
Trim (Skil 1021 LD (F0151021LD))
Weight 1800
The adjustable speed mechanical
Drill 22 (metal, stone, wood)
Bits (attachment screwdriver) 10
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