Союз ДУС-2150


unaccented drill, food type: a network, a Keyless Chuck, 500 W, reverse, 1.2 kg

Main (Союз ДУС-2150)
Type unstressed drill
Dimensions and weight (Союз ДУС-2150)
Modes drilling
Chuck type Keyless
Food network
Power consumption 500 W
Specifications (Союз ДУС-2150)
The speed of rotation 1
The speed of rotation of idling 3 600 rpm
Diameter of the cartridge 0.8 — 10 mm
The maximum diameter of the drilling, metal 10 mm
Maximum drilling diameter, wood 20 mm
Features (Союз ДУС-2150)
Auxiliary handle
Lock button
A dust collector
A slot in the housing for storing bits/drill bits
Trim (Союз ДУС-2150)
Weight 1200 g
The adjustable speed e
Carbon brushes
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